Mission Etc.

Teem Earth?

Teem Earth is nothing more


Stabilize the atmosphere before the end of the decade, and put humankind on a trajectory toward a safe, flourishing future.

Ultimate Aim

Achieve an indefinite alignment of human activities with the life-sustaining biosphere.


The means we use are adaptive, inclusive and non-violent. We do what we can to draw on the human intelligences and cultivate knowledge that lives in our heads, hearts, bodies and civilizations.

The Problem?

Teem Earth is obsessed with a single problem.

This is the multitude of divisions among the people who inhabit the Earth.

It is these divisions that keep human Civilization out of alignment with the life-sustaining biosphere. It is these divisions that continue to block solutions to the out-of-control problems ever-worsening climate disruptions and environmental destructions that make it ever harder for humans and others to live on Earth.

Teem Earth expands the spaces and capacity for people and organizations to stand side-by side and help one another learn to do more. It gives people who are alarmed by the increasing stressors and the deaths of people, populations and species new opportunities to push their growing talent and knowledge toward the flourishing future we want.