TEEM Values

What core values are guiding the build out of Teem Earth? Here is an initial list:

  1. The Earth as a Whole We love the Earth as our home, and as an indivisible system that sustains diverse and intelligent life. There’s no other planet like this one, at least not that we know of.
  2. Atmosphere-Grade Solutions We love actions and solutions that achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions that are deep enough to achieve stabilization (and draw down) of greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere. For CO2, that means actions and solutions that cut emissions by at least 50% within a decade.
  3. Scientific Method We love science because it enables people to learn how the Earth system works–not just as individuals but as a society. Science is an incredible platform for accumulating observations of the Earth made at many places and times, and in different ways.
  4. What else? Personal experience? Spiritual wisdom? Liberty? There’s lots of things we value and love. As more people get involved with the Teem Earth enterprise, there’ll be times to reflect on things and get clear about what should be on this list for the long haul.