Making the atmosphere visible, stable and safe.


CO2.Earth is the web address of the planet’s CO2 home page. This site pulls the latest global CO2 numbers from multiple sources and presents them together in one place.  With atmospheric CO2 providing the best, real-time signal that people have for global sustainability, it’s no wonder that CO2.Earth is the flagship site for the budding constellation of Teem Earth environmental websites.

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Show.Earth is being built as a public source for excellent, free tools that anyone and any organization can use to spread data and understanding about the world’s most important sustainability information.  The focus is on the atmospheric CO2 trackers that update automatically as the planet’s CO2 levels change, either up or down. 


Partner.Earth acknowledges the partner organizations and leaders in those organizations who are partnering on key Teem Earth projects.

It’s early days for Teem Earth, but watch for Partner.Earth to develop and grow as Teem Earth moves ahead to achieve its atmospheric aims.